Here we are now in the month of May, the month of Mary who is always thirsting to bringing us closer to Jesus.

Speaking of getting closer to Jesus, last night a friend sent me this wonderful video of the story of a nun who was struggling to get closer to Jesus became she struggled with a common problem…masturbation.

Like a lot of people, she felt shame and she was totally uncomfortable in talking about this to anyone and certainly not to Jesus and yet this is exactly what she needed to do because Jesus is our friend and the doctor of the soul and he alone knows how to heal and set us free of these problems.

Through the ministry of inner healing this woman was freed and the smile on her face showed it all!

This is what Jesus means when he says that his burden in ‘light’. He doesn’t want us struggling and struggling for years and years with something causing us guilt and shame but rather he wants to get into the core and root cause of our issues and bring healing and freedom.

And in today’s society where lust is everywhere, this means that we must get used to talking to Jesus about sexual issues both for ourselves and also for the people that we are ministering to because this is the world in which we are loving in and these are the real issues thar are affecting so many.

A doctor who is afraid of blood isn’t much good to anyone and similarly, a church that is afraid to talk about sexual issues is of little use either!

Now for some people this is all too much and only this morning a lady asked me not to send her my blog anymore because of the ‘explicit wording’ and yet it’s not in hiding in the church or behind a rosary beads that’s going to make these problems go away and heal the affected souls.

And that’s why Our Lady is constantly asking us to pray with our hearts and to be real and open with Jesus about what’s going on no matter how intimate or private or awkward it is!.

It’s also how we will be able to be effective apostles of love when we reach out to a lust driven world and are able to bring light and love to souls without feeling uncomfortable and afraid when these type of issues arise!

So in this month of May, let’s invite Jesus into all the areas of our hearts where we struggle so that we can become more healed and more free and thus more able to bring the light of God’s love to the broken in this world.