Yesterday Our Lady gave me a beautiful message about God’s love and the all to sexual purity, a calling that many people do not accept in today’s world and even church.

Our Lady in her unique motherly way endeavours to explain and to encourage us on the road of truth so that we can be free!

Our Lady 

My children, sexual purity is like a beautiful sweet white rose before the throne of God.

It is gentle and beautiful, non-threatening and pure and shines for others to see and be drawn by its fragrance.

My children, there is more intimacy and love in purity that lust because true purity of heart leads to intimacy with God.

Many however are pure by force rather than by grace and their hearts lack freedom and healing.

True purity begins in the heart and works its way outwards and allows people to have deeply intimate relationships without lust.

False purity begins on the outside, chokes the heart and emotions and prevents people from having healthy human relationships.

Jesus desires to free your hearts so that you may be free to love.

You cannot learn to do this if you are afraid to talk about these intimate things with Jesus and with eachother.

Love is like a foreign language that you learn through prayer, Godly instruction and lots of practice.

How can you love others with your hearts like I do if your hearts are blocked with fear?

My children, bring all your inner fears to Jesus every day and allow Him to heal you and to teach you how to love with your hearts.”

How beautiful and yet how challenging! In times past people tried to live sexual purity more by force than by grace and the result was that many generations were very uncomfortable to talk about these things and lacked freedom in their lives and relationships.

This type of ‘avoidance attitude’ brought fear and shame and not the true freedom of the heart that comes from grace.

When we are truly free we can talk about things like intimacy and sexuality very easily because they are a part of life and of love. When we are not free then we can’t because we feel a certain shame and guilt that chokes us!

In today’s society, enormous amounts of people struggle with lust and it’s well known that many priests and devout Catholics struggle too and this is why Our Lady desires us to bring it out in the open to deal with and too purify.

Gone are the days when these things are only spoken of in the secrecy of confession because look at our modern world where everything is sexualised and where children are exposed to the world of lust from the earliest of ages.

This is why Our Lady needs apostles of love and apostles of purity to show and teach others the way to holiness without shame and without insecurity and for that to happen we must all bring our hearts to Jesus so that He can free us from the inside out.

Have a wonderful day!