Last night at the house a priest who is staying with us for a few months to learn english celebrated his 13th year anniversary of being ordained.

When I asked him how many were ordained with him, he replied 11 and when I asked him how many were still priests, he replied 8.

Once again it hit me the need to pray for priests, for seminarians, for spiritual directors and for the church.

When I went to adoration Jesus echoed the same sentiments in prayer.


Thank u for coming. My heart is desperately sad at how much I am ignored and despised especially by my own.

Just as Peter denied me 3 times, so many of my priests deny me too.

They deny me in different ways, not in that I don’t exist but rather my message.

They deny the significance and importance of prayer, they deny the danger of sin and the moral teachings of the church and most of all, they deny my supernatural interventions in countless places through my mother.

These priests desperately need prayer as they endanger not only their own souls but the souls of those around them.

My priests must lead by example and by holiness in imitation of me who gave everything and preached the gospel of eternal salvation and the danger of hell.

Pray, pray, pray. Pray for your priests to be worthy of their vocation and to save many souls through their lives and example

Jesus doesn’t mince his words and he desperately wants his priests to be clear on sin and to be educators and teachers and bring people to understanding what sin is and why and how to defeat it.

I know from my own experience over the years that the majority of priests say something very vague in confession when I have confessed obvious sins and I’ve often wondered if they believe that I sinned at all as they gave me absolution more our of pity or duty than conviction and belief!!

Similarly over the years I’ve discovered that a lot of priests are infuriated if one speaks of Our Lady whether it be her message at Fatima or Lourdes or Medjugorje. One senses an attitude of “what does she want interfering with our ministry’ almost like a rebellious teenager hiding from his mother.

No wonder Jesus is so sad at times and asks us to pray without judging (which isn’t always easy).

Jesus sees their hearts, he yearns for their love and their conversion so that they can be priests as he would like and so he asks us to console him and to pray for them and to offer him our struggles and sufferings for the conversion of their hearts.