Our Lady shared a wonderful message about joy with me today and how to be joyful Christians!

And while finding cheap coffee helps, this was not a part of her message!!

Our Lady 

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My children, today I desire to teach you about the joy of God and the joy that He wants to share with you!

God is forever joyful for all eternity! There is no way of hurting him or changing him. He is!!

You my children will be joyful with God for all eternity if you accept his mercy and follow him.

But this joy can begin on earth because the same Holy spirit is with you and in you through your baptism and through prayer and the sacraments every day or as often as possible.

When you allow the joy of the Holy Spirit to live in and through you, even the greatest sufferings and trials on earth seem like nothing because nothing, not even death itself can take away your eternity.

In fact many saints looked forward to their deaths and even martyrdom just like a pregnant woman looking forward to  going into labour!

My children, to be true children of joy you must be children of eternity and you must pray! Prayer my children brings you into contact with eternity and will fill your hearts from the inside out with the eternal love and bliss that God has prepared for you.”

So we see that the secret of true joy on earth doesn’t come from material things but comes from the Holy Spirit who puts all things into perspective and by doing so gives us a joyful and forever hopeful attitude to everything that happens in life!

Of course this doesn’t mean that we are insensitive to the sufferings in the world but it does mean that we put them into an eternal perspective and remind ourselves that God knew about all these things before the beginning of time and that His love and mercy and power are far greater.

And so today, let’s be children of prayer and children of eternity and bring joy and hope and cheer and laughter to every glum face and every miserable Christian and remind all that God is ALIVE!