How can you be joyful when you are suffering even when the suffering doesn’t go away and isn’t being healed?

Glad you asked because Jesus gave me this explication last night:


You may wonder how you can be joyful when you have suffering in your lives and when you are surrounded by suffering but the answer is easy, love!

A mother suffers as she gives birth but the desire to see her child and hold her child prevails and afterwards she forgets her suffering and loves her child.

If you are not joyful in the midst of your suffering it is because you do not understand its value and unite it with me!

Suffering united to my love not only helps other souls but it also purifies your own souls of all impurities and transforms it from degree of holiness to degree of holiness.

If you understood the value of this suffering properly you would be rejoicing in the sure knowledge that your souls were being transformed and that afterwards you would experience a new level of unity with me!

Think of how easily and willingly you suffer when it is related to physical things such as a hip operation or eye surgery. The inconvenience and cost seem little in comparison to the prospect of walking properly again and seeing clearly!

O my children, if only you were equally motivated to heal your souls, you would relish each opportunity of suffering as an opportunity to heal and sanctify yourselves and draw closer and closer to my love!

My children, learn with humility how to use suffering in your lives to sanctify your souls and you will be forever joyful in spirit no matter what trials befall you.

Turn to my mother and to your mother and she will teach you how to be perfect in love, perfect in suffering and perfect in joy!

So let us be humble and smart today and not so much ask why we might be suffering and moaning but rather ask what is God trying to teach us and what is he trying to do in our soul through these trials, thus allowing God to use the suffering for our much greater spiritual gain!