Today I’m off to a conference on evangelisation with the Holy Spirit, something I’m already well familiar with but we can always learn more and learn from other people’s experience so I’m quite looking forward to it!

If truth be told I’m also a little nervous about it because I’ve never gone to a catholic conference on these topics that was in any way LGBT inclusive or understanding and I smile to myself when I think of some of the places and situations that the Holy Spirit has brought me and put me in over the years.

If some people already find my blog too much, how on earth would they cope with some of the realities of modern life!

Make no mistake about it, as an evangelist one has to be like a doctor visiting the sick and be prepared for all sorts of situations and people without either judging or flinching because when we go out there we will not meet a bunch of pious Catholics praying the rosary and striving for holiness but rather hardens and hurting people stuck in the worlds of drugs, sex and power.

A lot of people run away from evangelisation and can’t tolerate when people like me talk about it because it makes them uncomfortable! At times I feel like asking these people if they think that I always enjoy evangelisation because I don’t but I’ve learnt to put obedience to Jesus before my own personal lives and dislikes whatever the cost.

In a way evangelisation is a bit like a game of football. You get ready in prayer, you wash yourself clean with the sacraments just like you would wash your soccer gear and then you go out on the field.

The temptation is of course to stay at home and not play because you know that your white shining soul is going to take a few bruises as soon as you begin to play!

And so begin the endless excuses not to evangelise and to stay in the comfort zone of the church world where everything is safe and you can convince yourself that your prayers are worth more than going out there taking to strangers and going into the occasional of sin!!

This attitude might even fool God himself if it wasn’t for the invention of the washing machine.

Just like we can wash our soccer gear after a good game so too can we wash our souls clean of any mistakes or bruises through prayer and so there really is no excuse for not going out there and evangelising and bringing the love and presence of Jesus to the world.

And so today whatever your situation, challenge yourself to do some evangelisation and to step out of your comfort zone and whatever you do, don’t be a gossiping moaning Minnie criticising others who are evangelising from the comfort of the church pews while you do nothing!

Let’s get out there and score a few goals for Jesus and put our tongues to much better use!!