Yesterday I went to an evangelisation conference and I was not disappointed. It was super and a real confirmation that everything I’m doing in my own ministry is bang on for Jesus!

Once again they emphasised that the most powerful way to evangelise nowadays is through our testimonies of how we met Jesus and how he has transformed our lives.

They also emphasised the need for a deep personal relationship with Jesus because if you don’t know him yourself how can you tell others about him?

And then they taught us about the ministry of prayer and healing and gave many examples of praying with people for healing out on the streets or wherever!

In short, it’s everything that we have been doing ourselves already and such a hugh confirmation from the Holy Spirit to keep on going with our own ministry and to become even bolder and stronger with the power of Jesus.

Now of course there was no mention of LGBT and a few comments and prayers that were a little pastorally insensitive but hey, even evangelists need evangelising and we are all learning on the job so to speak!

Interestingly the organisers did mention that the numbers were way down for this conference in comparison to a healing conference which attracts hundreds and they emphasised the fact that Jesus commissioned us go evangelise and that it’s the main purpose of the church.

I too found the same problem among my friends when I told them about this conference, they either forgot or never got back to me or showed no interest…..

This makes Jesus very sad as obedience is more important to Him than all the novenas and prayers in the world and the sins of omission are no less important than the more obvious sins of commission!

Anyway, I won’t be letting this get to me and so I feel more fired up than ever now to bring more and more LGBT people to know the love and acceptance of Jesus through Our Lady of Medjugorje.

Really looking forward now to going to Medjugorje with the LGBT colours and being a witness of Jesus’ love for LGBT people to absolutely everybody there!!!