We are all familiar with the teaching to love our neighbour as ourselves and if we think about it, this love is the key to reaching out and evangelising.

When we love others, we care for their wellbeing and if we believe or feel that we can help them then we will.

If we find a new bargain at the shops then we will tell them, if we see a job opportunity in the paper that may be of interest to them then we will tell them, if someone says something bad about hem hen we will defend their character.

Why, love of course!

Yet Jesus and Mary desire us to share something else with them, our faith. Not in a ‘you have to or else you will burn in the fiery furnace of hell” way but in a genuine “this cn and will rally help you” way.

Our Lady spoke to me about this late last night in the church.

Our Lady 

Smiling with joy 

My dear children, how i desperately desire you all to have joy in your hearts which is why I ask you time and time again to pray with your hearts and to love God and eachother from the heart.

You cannot say that you love God and yet not care for your fellow man or just care for the ones you like.

True love cares for everybody because God cares for everybody and God desires to love through your hearts.

Allow Jesus to transform your hearts into hearts of mercy and compassion and you will be able to love the hardest of sinners.”

Once again she is begging us to pray with our hearts because if we don’t we simply won’t have love in our hearts for others and when we tell them about Jesus we will be more like a barrister in court interrogating a witness and defending our client rather than a genuine witness of love.

Only to the extent that we experience the love and freedom in our own lives will we be able to share it with others and this love and freedom can’t be faked. It can only come from a true personal relationship with Jesus and then true transformation in our lives.

This is why God is begging us to keep on working on ourselves and to allow him to keep on transforming us because as he does our evangelisation will be natural and our love will be genuine and we will want to share it with others for no other reason than out of genuine care and concern no matter who or what they are.

So let’s be humble and pray with our hearts as Our Lady asks and allow her to heal and transform us before we go out there trying to help others!