So a few days ago a new catholic outreach website to the LGBT community asked Pope Francis three pretty basic questions about LGBT people and the church to which thr Pope wonderfully and humbly replied for the whole world to see and read!

First question and answer:

Probably the most basic question and yet quite a deep answer as the Pope describes the closeness, mercy and tenderness of God.

It’s also quite ironic that LGBT people have often suffered so much because of these very qualities of closeness and tenderness because they were close and tender to people of the same sex.

Now Francis isn’t getting into that debate but it’s obvious from his reply that he sees and blesses the closeness and tenderness of God’s children and wants us to know that God is close and tender to us too.

Second question and answer:

Yet when one reads the acts of the apostles one is struck by the love of God for everyone including the pagans and the apostles and church community struggling to integrate these new converts while fighting over the rules!!

Perhaps the strangest answer because a lot of people wouldn’t have a clue what was in the acts of the apostles and if they read it they would probably see that the current church is a million miles away from the apostlic zeal and the miracles it contains.

This is exactly what is happening now with LGBT people. More and more of us are being touched by the spirit of God and just like the pagans who were converted in the early church, the church is struggling with how to deal with us and what rules apply to us!!!

Third question and answer:

The pope isn’t for an instant denying the rejection that LGBT people face in the church, instead he’s explaining it and condemning it as ungodly and sect like!

Bravo Pope Francis, I think I should invite him here to our parish in London to speak to one or two individuals and take him to Medjugorje with me too just in case of trouble which of course is extremely unlikely in such a holy prayerful place!!!

So anyway, well done to Pope Francis who is propheticaly moving the church and the people of the church forward into accepting, welcoming, integrating and sanctifying LGBT people without judging or placing impossible burdens or conditions on their shoulders.

Our Lady of Medjugorje, pray for Pope Francis, pray for our very special and extraordinary little ministry in the church and pray for all priests and bishops that they may be open to the action of Holy Spirit in this LGBT area, thus bringing extraordinary graces of healing and love to the catholic church and to the LGBT community all over the world.