Today I desire to talk to you about my sacred heart.

My sacred heart is beyond everything that any human being could ever imagine because it is the living and beating heart of God.

My sacred heart contains the greatest power of supernatural love possible and a soul that finds its refuge in my sacred heart will be filled and protected by this same power of love.

My heart is indestructible and even Satan and his demons flee in terror from its love.

All souls have a place in my sacred heart and that includes souls of other religions and the souls of all what you refer to as ‘LGBT’ people.

My heart welcomes and accepts everybody as they are and to the degree that a soul is open, a soul will be transformed into a living me!

My children, you must love people with your hearts because as you love them it will be me loving them through you.

Even the simplest of things like a smile or a hug can be anointed with love and can bring healing to another’s soul just as when people were healed from the shadow of St. Peter!

Come to my heart my children, love with my heart and with your hearts and tell others about my tender and all powerful heart of love for all!

Jesus is clearly asking us to love people, to care for people and to have his heart for people and promising that as we do the people will feel and experience His love through us which will in turn give us an opportunity over time to talk about Jesus.

Just as in Medjugorje, Jesus is asking us not just to talk about his love but to actually be his love and be an ‘apostle of love’ to all people regardless of their religion or orientation or gender etc. and Jesus is promising His supernatural protection from demons because the more Jesus lives in us the more all evil spirits will flee from our very presence!

“Jesus, fill us with the love from your heart so that we may go out into the world and love everyone that we meet and bring many broken hearts back to you.”