Yesterday we had yet again another wonderful Medjugorje healing day at the church with a beautiful mass, eucharistic procession and anointing of the sick.

It was truly heavenly and also wonderful that a little Medjugorje community of friends and prayer ministry is building up here under our noses!

Shortly afterwards I received a message myself from Our Lady about the wonderful gift of faith:

My child, how beautiful is the gift of faith in the heart and how sincerely and humbly you should give thanks to God for this gift and nurture it.

Faith my children is a living relationship with God and for it to grow it must be nurtured and obeyed.

It is not enough to believe in God and then not to seek his will for your lives. This type of faith is not real faith because even the demons of hell believe!!

True faith is alive and it is alive through actions inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Do not fool yourselves that God is pleased with all your actions just because you pray in the morning because this would be like an employee working all day without asking his manager what he should do and subsequently finding out that his work was in fact wrong and a waste!.

Seek my children God’s will for your lives by continuously praying with your hearts and sharing from your hearts.

If you do this then you will be putting into action the prayer you all know by heart, the ‘Our Father’ and most importantly “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Our Lady is so wonderful and she desperately wants is to have the joy of the Spirit in our lives which is why she is constantly telling us to pray and to discern and make our decisions with the heart because God speaks to us in and through our hearts and will direct our lives in wonderful ways when we allow Him.

Have a wonderful day with the Holy Spirit!