Good morning from a sunny London where temperatures are predicted to go up to 26° today.

Yesterday I wrote about the sacred heart of Jesus and His love for LGBT people, a love so great it was worth making a t-shirt with it!

Yesterday Jesus spoke to me of his love that is so strong that all the demons of hell flee and so the ultimate spiritual protection is to have his love in our hearts:


My children, there is no greater protection and safety for your souls than to be unified with me and to be living in my love and in my will.

This perfect protection requires perfect humility so that your wills are perfectly united with mine and this only happens through perfect love.

Many although they pray a lot do not enjoy my perfect protection or near perfect protection because their wills and ideas are still very far from mine.

I allow such souls to suffer many afflictions so that they may humble their souls and change their ways.

The perfect example of this protective love is that of my mother who was entirely protected from sin as she stayed in my perfect will all throughout her life despite terrible sufferings.

Satan can do absolutely nothing to such a soul and anything such a soul suffers will be of great spiritual benefit to others.

Pray and learn from my most humble mother and she will teach you the road to perfection

And so we see that Jesus desires us to be fully protected from evil but any place in our lives where we resist his will compromises this protecton.

The real protection is when we can do God’s will with God’s love and even if all of hell is angry, they can do nothing to us.

This doesn’t mean that we will be spared suffering because spiritual protection is not the same as physical protection but what it does mean is that even in the suffering we will be protected just like Our Lady.

So let our prayer today to be united in the heart and will of Jesus and we will thus be protected in every way from every evil attack and plot of Satan to sabotage our lives and let us ask our Lady to give us the graces that we need, especially of humility, to constantly surrender our wills to God’s, no matter the cost.

Be protected today in the love and will of Jesus!