Yes that’s right, in 18 days we will be landing in Split and jumping on a bus to Medjugorje where Our Lady has invited us!

It’s really exciting, especially as we have almost 2 weeks which will allow time to travel a little as well and catch up with some old friends from Split where we lived for a full year and where met Toni.

I’m sure Toni’s family will be so happy to see him, some of them came to the airport as we left 3 years ago when tears of love in their eyes as they saw Toni disappear to London with two Irish strangers.

I bet they never imagined that the next time he’d visit would be 3 years later with a group of 30 pilgrims from London!

Jesus is utterly amazing and the miracles that he has done for us are astounding.

Personally I’m really looking forward to walking through the field, going up and down the mountains of Medjugorje and meeting lots of new and interesting people over there and of course showing Rayne about who will be visiting for the first time.

How happy it must make Our Lady when people respond to her motherly call and visit Medjugorje and allow her to bless them in unimaginable ways.

It’s always exciting as well going in a group and looking out for eachother because it’s the Holy Spirit that brings these little groups together and even though we may find some of the people in the group more difficult to love than others, each one is a child of God and our brother or sister!

Of course none of all this would be happening without a lot of organisation and prayers behind the scenes and Brenda has done an amazing job pulling it all together at an amazingly cheap price and sorting out all the vaccine and travel requirements.

We are all very grateful to Our Lady for using her to so such an amazing job and I’m sure that she will be rewarded accordingly!

Yet 18 days is still a while and in the meantime we will have our next Medjugorje LGBT on May 25th (next Wednesday) and as Seamus will not be coming back, it will also be an opportunity to say fairwell as he continues his journey.

Next Wednesday’s theme will be “friends of LGBT” people and how our ministry has helped them to change their thinking and understanding of LGBT issues and bring more unity and love and healing to the church family.

Who knows, maybe when we are over in Medjugorje we might organise a little LGBT evening with sharings and testimonies at our passion like a lot of groups do as we are guaranteed to meet lots of people interested in this area of ministry!

May Our Lady guide us an inspire us to do her will and may we be open to whatever it may be!

So please come along next Wednesday evening to our prayer evening, please keep our pilgrimage in your prayers and may we touch the hearts of as many people as possible and bring the love of Our Lady of Medjugorje to countless LGBT souls, their families and their friends.