Yesterday in our church at St. Mary of the Angels there was a bit of a scene between one troublesome parishioner and our parish priest.

This particular parishioner has a brewing hatred towards Fr. Keith and let’s just say that he can’t hold it in no matter how much we have all tried to reason with him and love hi.

Like milk that boils over, so very often the evil spirit just has to pop!! When forgiveness and humility are not on the cards, the only outlet for this anger and hatred becomes others, in the case our parish priest.

As I was praying about this last night, Our Lady gave me a word on how we should treat our priests and this incident yesterday was a reminder of just how cruel and unfair some people can be towards good priests who do everything to help them.

Our Lady 

My children, countess times I implore you to love your priests and to love prayer so that your love and prayer may inspire them too to be Holy and prayerful 

Satan attacks my priests more than other souls because the priest is at the head of the spiritual family of each church.

When a priest is unholy then the whole parish will suffer and similarly when a priest is holy, the whole parish will benefit.

You must neither expect too much or too little from your priests and you must pray constantly for them, especially in areas where their weakness is obvious.

Constantly remind yourselves that priests are men too and if for whatever reason you need to be firm with a particular priest, do it with love and respect and within the rules of the church and the state.

Pray, pray, pray and forgive from your hearts and by doing so I will teach you how to love the most difficult of priests without compromising on holiness or charity.

I always love Our Lady’s messages because they are so real. Not for a second is she telling is that priests are perfect or that they don’t have their faults but she is putting it into context and asking us to help them and support them rather than crucify them with criticism.

This doesn’t mean that we may never have to write to the Bishop or make a complaint about a priest or indeed if it was something was very sinister we may have to go to the police, yet we can still do it with love and mercy and continue to pray for that priest’s restoration without judging or without condemning.

And so today may we do our very best to love our priests and to help them in any way that we can and if we have to speak firm words or disagree with them, let us do it with love and respect rather than through bullying, intimidation, self-righteousness and pride for the measure we show mercy is the measure in which we will receive it and I know for one that I’m in desperate need of it every day!!