Good morning from Joe & the Juice where I’m having my coffee nice and early!

A few days ago as I was serving mass I felt Jesus showing me even more how precious the priesthood is and how Jesus shares his life and ministry with the priest in an extraordinary way

Of course we are all called to be like Jesus but the priest is given an opportunity to be even more like Jesus because only he can celebrate the mass and forgive sins like Jesus did.

Jesus himself spoke to me this morning as I prayed about all this and helped me to understand even more:


How marvellous my child the gift of the priesthood that God who became man not only shares His life and body and divinity with mankind but also shares his priesthood.

How amazing that a mere and mortal man can share in the ministry of forgiveness of sins and of sanctification of others in such a unique and special way.

When the priests says “I forgive you…”, both his “I” and my “I” are one because through his ordination he shares in my priesthood and my power and authority to forgive sins 

Similarly when the priest says “this is my body” because at that moment it is I, Jesus, speaking through him.

Satan does everything he can to destroy in both the hearts and minds of priests their understanding and love of who they are but from a heavenly perspective, the calling to the priesthood is the highest calling on earth and the prospective priest is called to unity with me in an extra special way.

The priest must not be prideful but the priest must walk and act in the dignity and responsibility of this calling because it will be asked of him on the day he dies.

Nowadays you have so few vocations because you have all but lost your sense of God and the dignity and mystery of the priesthood and of Christianity.

You have all but abandoned all sense of the supernatural and replaced it with human understanding and theories in the name of progress.

You go further and further into the darkness as you are so very blinded by your own progress.

Come back my children and heed my warnings and the pleas of my mother. Read the lives of the saints, look at their love and zeal for prayer, for evangelisation and for the eucharist.

Do not let progress fool you because when one grows darker their is no progress only death and deception.

Pray for your priests, remind them of the significance and importance of their supernatural vocation and pray for holy vocations to the priesthood.”

What a beautiful message and reminder of the importance of the priesthood, of the spiritual life and a warning to us all not to let ourselves get fooled or blinded by ‘progress’ that excludes God.

Let us pray for vocations today, let us encourage young people to consider becoming a priest and let us remind any tired or down-trodden priests of who they are and of how very special and extraordinary their ministry is even if they don’t always feel it or see it!