As you know we have been getting the image of the sacred heart with the LGBT colours inside symbolising Jesus’ love for LGBT people.

Cutting a long story short we got a t-shirt made with this powerful image and as I’ve been wearing it today I’ve got quite a few looks and it looks amazing on Rayne too!

Some know immediately what it is and see the fire of God’s love while those with non-catholic backgrounds don’t necessarily make this association. Some didn’t seem to see the LGBT colours at all unless they were LGBT themselves and so in a humorous sort of way it may be the perfect evangelisation t-shir with everyone seeing what they want to see!!!

I wore it last night to LGBT Westminster at Farm Street and as providence would have it, I was also reading so and so it was really on display. I got lots of really positive feedback afterwards with most of the LGBT people recognising immediately the heart of Jesus and the LGBT colours and smiling to see both of them together in this symbolic way!

Since the aim of our ministry is to build a bridge of God’s love between the gay community and the catholic community we must be respectful to both sides and invite people to think rather than provoke them or further hurt them and it seems that this t-shirt does just that.

As you can imagine it’s very delicate which is why lots of prayer, trial & error are necessary!

Also as Wednesday approaches we are handing out flyers again too and I even stuck one to my bicycle, you never know.

Only half an hour after putting a poster up in the church the other day it was ripped down so while we march forward with Our Lady, we are bit unaware of some resistance which of course is always a good sign when we’re doing something for God.

Yet overall we are surrounded by more and more support and encouragement and the more people understand what we are doing, the more they are getting on board and helping us in spreading the message of God’s love and mercy for LGBT people.

So please keep on spreading the word and praying for us. We have already had people interested in buying the t-shirt so if you are interested too then get in touch although it’s a bit expensive at over £20 because I had to send off the logo and get it printed.

See you Wednesday!! Lol