Good morning everyone and if you are in London please come along to our LGBT Medjugorje evening this evening that’s going to be great!

The theme of this evening’s meeting is “friends of LGBT people” and one of the reasons for this is because our evenings really are for everybody.

We could just have LGBT people sharing their stories but it’s equally important to hear the stories and the perspectives of the families and friends of LGBT people because they too have often been affected and wounded by these issues.

Many times friends of LGBT people have left the church in solidarity with their LGBT friends while others have struggled to share their faith with their LGBT friends without hurting them or not knowing what to say….

This evening we will have a wonderful testimony from a very prayerful heterosexual woman who has had gay friends all of her life and she will share about her experiences and understanding of God’s love and plan for LGBT souls. She’s a wonderful and brave woman of truth and prayer so please do keep her in your prayers as it takes buckets of love, courage and humility to agree to do this.

Jesus himself also gave me a message this morning on the subject of friendship.


My children, I am not only your God but your friend and friends share their friends with eachother and this is exactly what I want to do.

I wish to share both my friends in heaven, the angels and the saints, and my friends on earth, those who seek me, with you all so that we may be united in love.

There are many souls on earth who are seeking God in their hearts and these are my special souls too even if they do not know me yet.

This is why my children you must not judge. Always put yourselves in the position of the other person and ask yourself how you would be or what you might believe if you grew up differently.

It is your love for God and for eachother that is the most authentic proof that as Christians and as Catholics that you hold the truth about God and about His incarnation and real presence in the eucharist.

All the books and debates in the world cannot replace the authentic witness of love in your hearts and peace in your souls and you can only obtain this through prayer.

Heed the invitation of my mother in Medjugorje and open your hearts to prayer and love and you will become true friends of God and lovers of your fellow brothers and sisters.

So with that in mind, come along this evening or join us online for a beautiful evening of prayer with the rosary, praise and worship, holy mass with music ministry, lively testimony and sharing, confession, adoration in front of the Blessed Sacrament and fellowship afterwards in the hall!

“What a friend we have in Jesus”