What an amazing evening of grace and mercy we had yesterday at our Medjugorje LGBT evening!

Our good friend Brenda gave the most powerful and amazing witness of God’s love and mercy for LGBT people that I have ever heard inside the doors of a Catholic church in my life.

With humility, vulnerability, intelligence and authority she touched on all the misunderstandings around gay people and their hidden suffering and exorted everybody never to judge and to love like Jesus.

She wasn’t afraid either to tell us all how over the last few year’s since meeting us that she came to the shocking realisation that gay people don’t get healed and become straight as she had previously been led to believe and it takes enormous humility to stand up in front of a crowd and admit that to everyone.

Yet she was explicitly clear about holding onto church teaching to sexual sin but in doing it with love and compassion and understanding.

Honestly I couldn’t have been more proud of her and she is a true example of practicing what she preaches and putting the love of Jesus and of the truth before her reputation or popularity or whatnot!

Of course the evening wouldn’t have been complete without Satan having a bit of a go and while for the first time we had no protesters outside, I got a right telling of from one very well-meaning over pious gentleman.

“Who do you think you are?” He asked me with maximum conviction.

“I mean, how dare you, just how dare you” He proceeded as inwardly I thought “this will be fun”.

“Placing the image of the second person of the most Holy Trinity on that flag”.

The flag again of course which he went on to tell me is satanic and blasphemous…

I explained to him that Jesus, ‘the second person of the most Holy Trinity’ (note to everyone out here: posh theological language doesn’t make you automatically holy) became flesh and died for us and loves each and every soul including every lesbian and gay and bisexual and transgender and placing the image of Jesus on that flag symbolised Jesus’ greatest attribute, his mercy.

And looking at him straight in the eyes before walking away I asked him “What are you doing to reach out to the gay community before you come here judging me?”.

Who knows, he might write to the Bishop but in today’s church Bishops have a special place for these type of letters, the bin!!

And so now with only 10 days to go till we arrive in Medjugorje we are more excited than ever and have our hearts open wide to the amazing blessings and graces that Our Lady and Jesus have prepared for us so that we may come back to London afterwards with even more love and zeal for the mission of evangelisation and love to the whole world.

So a big well done again to Brenda, a thank you to everyone who came and who prayed for us and to anyone who gets in the way we say “How dare you! Who do you think that you are by getting in the way of the mercy of the most holy second person of the Trinity for his LGBT children?”.😂😂😂😂😂

Have a super day!