Good morning all from my favourite coffee shop where Our Lady has been speaking to me about saving souls and using the LGBT colours for evangelisation.

Our Lady 

My children, the most important thing to Jesus is to save souls.

So many of you are blinded by traditions and rules and are more concerned about saving these than saving souls.

Do your buildings and books have the gift of eternal life?

What is more important, souls or human institutions which are here today and gone tomorrow?!

Look at your world, look at the ruins of monasteries and churches and castles all over the world that are now tourist destinations!

They are gone but every soul that ever lived in  them or prayed in them lives on.

My children, heaven thirsts to reach out and to save souls. This is the priority of heaven.

Do not let human arguments about colours and signs get in the way of saving souls because this is the work of Satan.

Continue my child to use the LGBT flag to reach out to souls and I myself will be your protection.”

And so on that note it’s full steam ahead with using the LGBT flag and colours for evangelisation and anybody that doesn’t like of is going to have to take it up with Our Lady and not with me!!

Have a super day and if you would like an evangelisation sticker or t-shirt please get in touch and you too can become a light of love and hope to LGBT souls.