With just over a week to go before a group of over 30 of us from London set off for Medjugorje for 10 days, we are all really excited.

Even the covid test required to enter Bosnia has been abolished meaning that our only task now is to get to the airport on time!!

One thing is for sure and that is that there will be no shortage of joy on this pilgrimage and we are a lively group that like to laugh and have fun as well of course as to pray and grow spiritually.

There is a certain pressure on me to be a good boy in light of all the troubles I had over their before linked LGBT ministry and the misunderstandings and fears that it tends to bring with it!

I think I’d be fooling everybody if I promised that I’ll be good but I can certainly promise to be faithful to Jesus and Mary and the special ministry that they have given me in reconciling LGBT people, families and friends with the church and if I do that, Our Lady will do the rest!!

Not so long ago, the mother of a gay son told me how wonderful and necessary it would really be to have LGBT ministry at Medjugorje’s youth festival which attracts young people from all over the world with their families.

How many of these young people might be struggling with LGBT related issues and struggling as to where to go, who to talk to, what to do? Not to mention perhaps their friends and families that may be struggling too as to how to support them and what advice to give them.

These are just some of the ideas and inspirations that have been coming to some of us as we pray and as we surrender ourselves to Our Lady so that we can be her apostles of love to others.

And of course as we are preparing to go to Medjugorje we are also preparing to say fairwell to our dear friend Séamus who will be staying over there and allowing God to lead him.

Today will be his last day working here in London and I’m sure he too is feeling emotional about it all. We’ve been through am extraordinary amount together since leaving Medjugorje all those years ago and meeting Toni and coming to London.

Even back then we used to drive to Medjugorje from Split every month for Marjana’s monthly apparition which always encouraged us greatly as Our Lady was constantly speaking about ‘apostles of love’ at that time and this is what we were doing to the best of our abilities to the LGBT community.

So how exciting for us all to be going back to give thanks to Our Lady when our ministry is now much clearer and more established with the support of the diocese here in London even if it means saying fairwell to Séamus who Our Lady is preparing now for another mission.

On a very practical note, Séamus will be leaving for Ireland on Tuesday and then coming back on Saturday before we leave for Medjugorje on Monday so for those of you keen to say goodbye, the time is running out!

So as you can see, exciting times are before us and so let’s pray that we are all obedient in every way to the inspirations and desires of our most beautiful mother, Our Lady of Medjugorje for the good of the whole church and world so that we can be apostles of love and peace wherever we may go!!