It’s hard to believe but this day next week we’ll be packing our bags for Medjugorje and I just got some really good news that my French friend, Marie André, will be there at the exact same time!

Marie André is an outstanding example of love in action and despite being in her 80’s, since meeting Séamus, Toni and I in Medjugorje over 3 years ago, she opened her heart fully to helping us through prayer, friendship and financial support too.

Never did she as much as bat an eyelid at our LGBT ministry. All she saw was love and God’s love for all and she often helped us financially when we were struggling even when all she had was a little pension from France.

As Our Lady spoke to me this morning about sacrificial love, I can’t but think of Marie André, my little French saint in the making.

Our Lady 

Love, love, love! No greater love can any human being show than to lay their life down for their friends.

My children, all of you are called to this sacrificial love. It most likely will not be to lay your lives down literally as in the case of martyrs but to lay your lives down in many other ways for others.

You may be asked by God to lay your careers or your reputations down, you may be asked to lay your wealth and possessions down or indeed you may indeed be asked to lay your lives down like the martyrs.

Whichever is the case, following Jesus has a cost and you will only be able to follow him and keep your joy with the power of the Holy Spirit.

You must not try to do anything without the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit because even the best of intentions and the best of acts may be very far away from what God is really asking of you.

Again I remind you to pray with your hearts because it is in your hearts that you will find your true vocations and it is through prayer with the heart that you will find the strength to carry them out!

Simple words from Our Lady and yet challenging because following Jesus has its challenges and the only way that we can remain joyful is if we are operating in the power of the Holy Spirit and not on our own strength.

And so as we prepare for Pentecost next Sunday, let us invoke and pray to the Holy Spirit to reveal to us God’s will for our lives and to give us the strength and the love to carry it out joyfully whatever the cost!