With only one week to go until we will be leaving for Medjugorje we are all really excited and at the same time aware that not everybody over there understand or are open to Jesus’ love for LGBT people.

Already our t-shirts and logos have caused a bit of a stir among some as they struggle to see Jesus and the LGBT colours together!

This morning Jesus himself spoke to me about it all very clearly and authoritivly about these people who object to this mission.


My children, my sacred heart is infinitely big and within it there is enough love for all of humanity for all times and even if there were to be millions of more humanities, my love would never run out!

Why then do you get so upset about my love for the LGBT community?

Is my love for you any less? Will there be less love for you and your families?

My children, my love is not a finite resource like oil or coal that is to be owned and controlled by human beings.

My love is an infinite and free love owned entirely by me and given by me freely as I choose.

My disciples were ordinary and simple men as were so many of the saints and so why does it bother some of you so much that I should love and give special graces to my LGBT children too?

I am in no need of your human permission or understanding to touch those souls but your responsibility is very great if you should block or reject these souls from my church.

Repent my children of all your ungodly attitudes and prejudices and welcome and love my LGBT children into your hearts and lives and allow my grace to act both in them and in you.”

Very strong and direct words from Jesus and a very sobering warning to all who try to block Jesus’ love to the LGBT community for whatever reasons no matter how holy or pious they may appear.

Yet also a fantastic encouragement to us to keep on going boldly proclaiming and witnessing the love of Jesus for LGBT people.

And the good news continues as I’ve managed to get more t-shirts printed for a fraction of the cost of the first one which cost £20 and will be getting badges too to distribute to anyone interested in helping us and helping Jesus to spread this message of love and grace.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to buy a t-shirt or a badge to support our growing ministry and may the Lord open all hearts and minds to accept and embrace this wonderful minister of love and hope to a community which has has been misunderstood and rejected for so long!

Probably a bit early though to give free t-shirts and badges to Fr Marinko, Fr Leon and others over there as a peace offering!!🤣🤣🤣

Have a super day and week!