With only a few days to go until we touch down in Medjugorje, we are all so excited…all except one person that is…..

It’s going to be a great trip and one of the most exciting things about going to Medjugorje is the people you meet and contacts you make as you are there which is even more significant for someone like myself who has a ministry of evangelisation to LGBT people.

Of course one of the difficulties about places like Medjugorje can also be the people you meet, especially when they are closed minded and in the context of my ministry, homophobic or tramsphobic.

Jesus gave me a long and very stern message about this last night as I sat in front of the Blessed Sacrament:

My children, in your modern world you are now faced with realities which you knew little about before such as LGBT people.

In the past these souls were silenced or sent away or else they went far away and all but disappeared from their families and friends.

Times have now changed a lot and while so much of the change has brought about atheism and the rejection of God, some of the change has been very positive in bringing to the light issues such as the abuses of all types in my church and also the reality of LGBT people.

My children, you must not glorify the past as if there was a golden era when everything was OK. In the past there was so much hidden suffering of all sorts right under your very noses and my church too had enormous problems.

Clinging to the past is a grave mistake because the past has gone and you must now live in the present while looking to the future.

You can no longer with a clear conscience continue to ignore and reject LGBT people no matter what you perceive their sins to be.

You gossip and talk much among yourselves about these people as if you were a superior race to them.

To do so is to put yourselves in the place of God and no matter how great their sins are, my mercy and compassion is even greater especially in light of the despicable way some of you have treated these people.

These souls are very dear and special to me and just as precious and special as anybody else and you must do everything you can to love them.

You must not put sexual misconduct above my infinite mercy as if there was no hope for these souls.

You must not judge souls especially those who struggle with their gender of being evil and of committing unforgivable mortal sins if they choose to have medical intervention such as hormone treatment and surgeries.

Who are you to judge these souls and how would it be if it was you or your son or daughter?

These souls suffer enormously and the level of suicide is high because of the terrible lack of love and charity that some of you show while you claim to be following me.

I warn you to be extremely careful of the sins committed by the tongue because these sins can be far worse than all the other sins you like to focus on.

Open wide your hearts to listening to and to loving these souls. Bring them back to me for me to love and care for and teach others around you to do the same.

Never participate in conversations of slander and gossip about these souls and ask me for the gift of the Holy Spirit to enlighten both your hearts and minds to love these people and to reconcile them with my loving heart which remains forever open to every seeking soul.

An amazing passage from Jesus and even if I’m the one that wrote it down, as I read it through myself I ask myself one simple question; “What is there to disagree with?” and the answer is equally as simple, absolutely nothing!

And so we are getting ready for Medjugorje more confident and reassured in our mission than ever. We are hoping that we meet lots of new and open minded people including the new Bishop appointed by LGBT friendly Pope Francis; Msgr. Aldo Cavalli and also lots of people struggling with LGBT related issues whom we may be able to help and support.

So exciting. Have a great day and let’s remember the words of Jesus and the danger of tongue!