Yesterday a friend and I went to Ealing to the Marian Father’s Divine Mercy mass and eucharistic adoration where we learnt that the month of June is the month of the sacred heart of Jesus!

As a child my grandfather had a great devotion to the sacred heart and I’m sure that it’s through his intercession that my life is now about bringing LGBT people into the love of Jesus’ most loving and sacred heart.

We also payed a visit to Ealing Abbey, a beautiful church and were so happy to see a notice with all the apostolates at St. Mary of the Angels on the notice board.

June also marks what the gay community call “Pride Month” and a big month of evangelisation for us and our ministry and the Holy Spirit has being inspiring us with all sorts of ideas to reach out even more with the message of the love and mercy of God under the mantle of Our Lady of Medjugorje.

We have now got custom made badges, t-shirts and stickers and we are only getting started with divine providence providing the donations and the most cost effective ways of getting things done.

There is no doubt that Jesus is really accelerating our mission and ministry and we have such an excitement and peace about going now to Medjugorje on Monday.

It’s amazing and so amazing that we should be going with our parish priest, LGBT chaplain and friend, Fr. Keith.

Now we have 100 badges and we can now make the t-shirts for as little as £2.50 each so please do get in touch if you’d like one and you may give a donation towards the cost if you can afford it!

Please also pray that we will have lots of ‘divine encounters’ in Medjugorje where we will be prophetic witnesses of Jesus’ love and mercy to LGBT people from every corner of the world.

Praise be Jesus!