The last few days have been tremendous fun with a palpable heavenly excitement about our trip to Medjugorje and Croatia.

Even my bag is excited with the new look!!

However not everyone is as excited about our LGBT ministry moving forward and over the last few days I’ve become aware of a lot of backbiting, criticism and judgement from certain people who should know better.

I also had a chat last night which seemed to evolve into a forenesic investigation around my personal life!

Honestly, some people seem to think they are God and know everything and have no idea how damaging and unholy their behaviour actually is.

So not surprisingly when I went to Eucharistic adoration last night, Jesus had something to say:


My children, how so very often is mercy on your lips but every sort of deceit and malice in your hearts.

How much you offend me when you judge others instead of praying for them and leaving all judgement to me.

It is like caressing me with one hand while punching me with the other when you pray and then judge your neighbour.

How can the souls whom you implore my mercy upon ever come back to my church when you are the very ones blocking them with your hypocrisy and judgement.

Never loose sight of your own need of mercy less in your blindness you become proud and put yourself in greater risk than those whom you pray for.

Stubborn souls, you who refuse me the very thing I desire of you the most; the conversion of your hearts.

Once again, very firm and stern words from Jesus who is utterly disgusted by souls who judge others while claiming to be following him while cowarding behind their rosaries and infinite prayers.

So onwards and upwards for my own ministry of love to the LGBT and praying for repentance for those trying to block me and stop me and silence me and manipulate me instead of getting behind this ministry of love with full conviction and heart.

Praise be Jesus and His holy name!