Only a few days now and we’ll be in Medjugorje and the blessings are coming already.

Séamus was in Ireland over the last few days and he had the opportunity to meet some old friends who apologised to him for thinking and one stage that we were following demons and is now fully behind what we are doing and sees how necessary it is!

God bless her because it takes great humility to do that and she is reading this blog today, I’d like to say thank you and pray that it’s only the beginning of what is to come.

People have asked me if I’m going to miss Séamus and I’m afraid to tell them that I won’t in case that they might misunderstand!

To me Séamus isn’t going at all because with Our busy lives here in London we don’t always see much of eachother but we keep in touch over the day over WhatsApp!

Séamus will have WhatsApp in Medjugorje so WhatsApp the big deal with him going?!! If anything it’ll be a great way to keep in touch with Medjugorje and develop our ministry and we can travel over and back etc.

At this stage Séamus and I are like brothers and we’ll always be in touch with eachother, of that I really have no doubt!

More good news is that we have got an overwhelmingly positive response from our badges and t-shirts with both Catholics and gays really liking them.

People agree that they are Jesus centred and while the LGBT flag is there, it’s not in your face and doesn’t take the central position!

So more and more good news and encouragement and support all round except of course from my own family who continue to to show minimal interest….that’s my cross and I try not to take it personally even if every now and then it does make me sad and disappointed.

Anyway, enough of that! Tomorrow we have Pentecost Sunday and so we are opening our hearts wide to the Holy Spirit so that we can fly to Medjugorje full of the light and missionary zeal of those early disciples who gave all for Jesus and to whom I’ve named my blog after “On Eagle’s Wings” for all these years!