Yesterday at our church there was a ‘day with Mary’ with a very large crowd of people from all over London.

I was out in the morning and joined the group for half an hour of adoration about 3pm.

It was very prayerful and yet not the type of group that I felt would be understanding of LGBT people and my ministry of evangelisation and prayer.

When you’ve been in church circles for as long as I have you can just tell!

Later in the afternoon I prayed about it and I received one of my inner locutions (which of course you are free to believe or not!):

Our Lady 

My little child, how I love you and am guiding you. Do not be afraid of crowds of people. Many are very far away from me in their hearts despite their fervent prayers and supplications.

Fervour is very important in prayer but if it is not accompanied by surrender it amounts to very little.

As you welcome the Holy Spirit tomorrow my children you must welcome him with a spirit of surrender and docility and offer him all your lives.

Consider my ‘yes’ to the Holy Spirit, ‘yes’ to be the mother of God but also ‘yes’ to a life of utter uncertainty and trials from beginning to end.

So many of you have so many worldly attachments which block you from being full of the life the Holy Spirit wants to give you.

You desire to surrender to the Spirit but you also desire the reassurance of your human attachments!

Look to the early apostles who gave everything and even their own lives. Read about the lives of the saints and strive to imitate them.

The Holy Spirit desires to bless you all abundantly but you must make way for him in your hearts and allow him to purge you of all unholy attachments.

Very strong words from Our Lady and yet how true because so many people do not trust in God and make up their own more ‘reasonable’ version of holiness and when they see the Holy Spirit acting in people such as myself and others by asking us to live a radical life of surrender to God, they decide that we are crazy or that we are following demons rather than look to the unholiness of their own hearts.

The Holy Spirit simply can’t be fully active in a soul where there are attachments to materials or objects or even traditions that block the flow of grace and interesting Pope Francis spoke about this only a few days ago.

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And so today on the day of Pentecost, let us be as fervent and radical and open to surrendering to God and to allowing the Holy Spirit to do new and wonderful things through us through us as we are to praying and telling God that we love him!

As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words!

Have a Holy Pentecost by stepping out in faith and to hell with what others think or say about us. We are here to please Jesus only!


Very st