One of the miracles of Medjugorje is the amount of people who go there for confession and they always say that we should pray to the Holy Spirit and to Saint Leopold Mandic for the grace to make a good confession and to meet the right priest!

Well yesterday he certainly answered my prayer because when I went to the confession area all the english speaking priests were busy but over in the corner I spotted a priest with nobody waiting for him and I felt sorry for him considering the queues for the others!!

So I went over to see what language he spoke (they put a little flag in front of them to show pilgrims) and there it was; “francais”.

Despite leaving France over 10 years ago I’m still perfectly at ease with french the same as if I never left at all and after all, it is the country where I spent the first 3 years after my conversion and where I learnt all my prayers!!

I was wearing my LGBT t-shirt and so I launched into both my sins and the circumstances around them and the priest was fantastique !!

With understanding, love and wisdom he advised me to let nothing or nobody put out my light and fire and that this mission was extraordinary for LGBT people and so very needed.

Again I got the same advice as Jesus gave to his disciplines, not to throw perils at swine and to continue on reaching out to LGBT people with power and strength and love.

The priest loved my t-shirt and was delighted when I gave him a badge and I went away feeling so light and happy and encouraged and went out with Séamus after adoration to celebrate and enjoy the evening together.

Ironically we did meet a few swine on the way with a few frosty enough looks from people who used to be friendly towards us before…their loss!!!

So onwards and upwards and today hopefully we will be meeting the new Bishop sent from Rome to introduce ourselves and and our ministry and to discuss the pastoral needs of LGBT people such as ourselves.

It’s all so exciting isn’t it! Keep us in your prayers and come to Medjugorje where the love and light of God is shining bright for every soul no matter who or what they are!!

Prayers for everyone, especially for all my friends in London who have been so good to me since I arrived there….love you all!