Good morning from a very wet and rainy Medjugorje!

It’s hard to believe that only last night we were in shorts and t-shirts and that Rayne anf I even climbed apparition hill at about midnight!!

It just goes to show how quickly things can change and it can be the same with our spiritual lives if we are not close to Jesus with prayer from the heart.

This is exactly what Our Lady spoke to me about this morning, especially in relation to priests who so often find that they have lost their sunshine and are in a storm.

Our Lady 


Don’t be afraid to  continue to write. People do not need to believe that it is I inspiring these messages if they do not want to but to those that I choose, I will give the light and the grace and they will find these messages most beneficial for their lives in many ways.

As I told you when you arrived, I desire you to pray much for priests while you are here and to teach others to do the same.

There are so many traps that Satan sets for my priests and sadly many fall into these traps like an innocent mouse looking for cheese.

The most common trap is pride because Satan himself is the master of pride and so knows only too well how to flatter and deceive my priests into thinking that they are pleasing God by doing such and such an activity when in fact they are not!

God is far more concerned about the heart than the good work and deeds no matter how good or how many people one may be helping.

Look to the lives of so many saints. They were utterly unknown and appeared to do nothing in the eyes of the world and yet in God’s eyes they were pleasing.

My priests are usually not called to such quiet lives because usually my priests are out amoung the people which is why the temptation is so very great to get over busy with apostolic activities and to neglect time spent in prayer.

Time spent in prayer may seem like a waste and Satan will even tell priests that it is selfish to be thinking of oneself instead of helping others but this is not the case! The first soul that you must all save is your own and this is as true for priests as for anybody else.

This is why I continuously call you to prayer with the heart so that you may get to know God and enjoy spending time with him in prayer like how you enjoy spending time with an intimate friend.

Pray my children for your priests and do not overburden them with tasks that distract them from prayer.

“Fr Slavco, you who accompanied the visionaries and wrote so many books about prayer with the heart, intercede and pray for priests that they may fall in love with prayer from the heart and teach others to do so too.

Please also bring healing to those priests who have lost their sunshine and are swamped in apostolic activities through the intercession of Our Lady of Medjugorje”.

Enjoy your day and pray too for our priests and you can.