Friday morning and the rain is clearing up here in Medjugorje but the temperatures are now much lower making it the ideal time to go up ‘Cross mountain’.

To be honest I actually went up yesterday on my own and when I got to the top I left one of our badges and an LGBT bracelet at the cross.

The badge is for all LGBT Catholics and the bracelet represents all those LGBT people who as Our Lady would put it “have not yet experienced the love of God”.

Afterwards I sat up there for about half an hour and felt a real sense of peace as I felt Fr. Slavco’s intercession and remember the stories that I heard about him.

He was very close to the visionaries when the apparitions of Medjugorje began and helped them a lot and needless to say got a lot of criticism for it from some.

Yet he carried on and he reportedly climbed the big mountain every day picking up litter as he went and as fate would have it, he died on the top of that very mountain and only a short time afterwards Our Lady told the visionaries in an apparition that he was with her in heaven.

Reflecting on his life I felt him smiling on me and laughing and saying something like “does it matter what other people think? Just continue your mission with joy”.

After all he would have been accused of all sorts of things because to this very day there are still very many people against Medjugorje and come up with all sorts of conspiracies to justify their reasonings.

And so I came down the mountain with a new sense of peace about things and said to myself “does it matter if some people think I’m infested with demons and that my inner locutions are not from God or that I’m a bad person or whatever else” and the answer was quite obvious! No.

Now of course it can be sad and painful to be falsely accused and damaging to my ministry but it’s not a matter of life and death either and Jesus allows all these types of trials to try us and to purify us of all unholiness.

And to be fair, usually the people that say such things are good and prayerful people too that either don’t understand or have misunderstood or have made a mistake and they are only trying to protect the church from evil and false teachings just like I would myself.

So after skipping down the mountain I went to the evening prayer program and was delighted to see Rayne with a big smile on his face after meeting a lovely priest in confession and Toni told us later that he too had a very good experience in confession.

It’s wonderful when people who have never been to Medjugorje before such as Rayne and Ivan (far right) have such good experiences because they will go back and tell their friends and families and this is how the message of Our Lady spreads!

And so today our little “Medjugorje LGBT group” have decided that after the English mass we will climb the large mountain together and do the stations of the cross for the intentions of all LGBT people around the world who may be struggling terribly with things like depression, addictions, suicidal ideas etc.

We will also pray for priests because the priests give us Jesus in the Eucharist, give us the sacraments and if people really knew how powerful these things were there would be crowds of young men flocking to the seminaries to serve Jesus as his priests.

Tomorrow we will visit Mostar for the day to have a little break!

Blessings of love, peace and joy to all from Medjugorje!


P.S. If you haven’t been here yet and are interested in growing in your faith and getting to know Jesus and the catholic church more, come because it’s really super!!