Yesterday a group of us went up Cross mountain doing the stations of the cross for the LGBT community as we went.

It was a real moment of joy to reach the top after 3 years away and a particular joy to be with Rayne and Ivan who have never been to Medjugorje before and who heard about it through our LGBT prayer evenings in London.

However our joy was eclipsed by someone else who also climbed cross mountain later in the day and surprised us all!!!

Monsignor Keith Barltrop, our parish priest and the man that welcomed us into his parish 3 years ago after we left Medjugorje for London without any clue how things would work out.

Fr. Keith has been a shining example of humility and holiness to us as he never batted an eyelid as he received all sorts of hassle from helping 3 LGBT vagabonds such as ourselves!

He didn’t have to invite us into his parish and allow us to serve and read at mass and use the parish house as a base for our mission of evangelisation but he did.

And again, when we suggested having a Medjugorje themed LGBT evening to bring LGBT people and their friends and families to Jesus through the grace of Medjugorje, he gave us his 100% support.

And so how utterly amazing after 3 years to be back in Medjugorje with him and to see him and our LGBT ministry being introduced to the archbishop yesterday (we even gave him badge)!

Fr. Keith works so hard in London giving himself to everybody and never worrying in the slightest about numbers or success or fame or glory and he is an example to us all of humility and perseverance come what may.

I’m sure that Our Lady who gave me this short message this morning was overwhelmed with joy to see Fr. Keith climb that mountain and reach the top while being over 70:

Our Lady 

Ok my child, how I love my priests with all my heart because in them I see Jesus crucified and the ultimate sacrifice of giving his life for others.

How my heart beats with joy when my priests understand who they are and live for Jesus alone.

Pray, pray, pray for your priests and together you will all climb the ladder of holiness so much more easily.

And so today as our little LGBT group go to Mostar, we give special thanks to God for the very special gift of Fr. Keith and we place this whole Medjugorje LGBT ministry into the hands of Our Lady and trust and pray that we will be blessed to bring many more LGBT people to London and from all over to Medjugorje so that they too can experience the peace and the joy of this little heavenly gem.

Thank you Our Lady for everything, we love you!