After a super few days in Medjugorje we decided to go to Mostar yesterday to take a little break from it all and breathe!

Just 45 minutes away from Medjugorje and at a cost of €1.50 it’s a beautiful city to visit for few hours and a great way to take a little break and thank God for all the blessings that he has given us here this time.

We have had no problems at all with anyone and we have done our very best also to show people that we are here to pray and seek God just like everybody else who have their own crosses and burdens to carry too.

Today a friend of Séamus from London will arrive and another mutual friend from London has arrived too. This is what it’s all about, bringing people to Medjugorje and helping them to plug into the graces of love and healing here.

Last night we had the most beautiful outdoor adoration and once again I found myself in tears with more graces of healing and closure with the past being flooded over me and it wasn’t just me!

Upon returning to our accommodation a man described how there was an old elderly lady in front of him praying and she reminded him so much of his mother that he was in floods of tears and was receiving lots of emotional and spiritual healing.

This type of healing is at the heart of Medjugorje and is a fruit of ‘praying with the hearr’ and allowing Jesus into our memories and wounds for healing.

And so today as the blessings continue to flow and as we catch up with our beautiful French friend for lunch I give thanks to God once again for the gift of Medjugorje and I’m already looking forward to coming back even if I haven’t even left yet!!

Love and blessings of healing to you all and come to Medjugorje for a spiritual break that you will never forget.