Yesterday I was so happy because Toni went to Split and for the first time in 3 years he saw his mother and his little brother that he as missed so much.

It really made me think of how much has happened over the last 3 years since coming to Medjugorje with Toni and setting off for a totally unknown London with a very fragile Toni on our hands. The responsibility was enormous and more than one person told us not to do it and that we would be blamed if anything happened to him.

But you see Jesus never gave up on us and so we promised Toni that we wouldn’t abandon him like he had felt abandoned before in his life.

In a very simple way, Our Lady spoke to us day after day in inner locutions and guided us to London. We didn’t know the plan but she did and this of course is a lesson to us all, to trust Our Lady and not to be swayed by the opinions of others however forceful or wise they may seem.

After morning mass Our Lady gave me yet another inner locution.

My little ones, as your mother I desire to guide you but you will not hear my voice or do my will in each situation if you do not pray with your hearts.

Each one of you is unique and different and you must never seek to control others and force them to do what you think is God’s will for them.

Even God does not do that and even so, many times you do not know God’s will for other souls and by telling them what to do you try to take the place of God.

This type of behaviour is pride and is one of the deadly sins precisely because it has the potential to destroy and kill the will of God for other souls.

My children, you must learn to love others from your hearts and to walk with them patiently and slowly on the path of holiness without criticising, condemning and judging others.

Jesus’ disciples were still a long way from holiness even after 3 years with Jesus and he still choose them and used them and loved them.

Someone who wasn’t afraid to do the will of God like Our Lady says was the foundress of Cenacelo (Rayne outside) and from absolutely nothing it’s now in 76 countries all the world and has done astounding work in helping people break free of drug addictions through the power of prayer and community.

We visited Cenacelo yesterday and it was fantastic as we watched a video about how it started and one of the guys gave a testimony after which there was time for some questions and answers!

Ivan inquired if Cenacelo would be suitable for gay people to which they guy didn’t really know what to say until eventually saying “we don’t know how to heal gay people “.

And why should they? LGBT is a different kettle of fish and helping LGBT people is a totally different ballgame which requires expert insights and understanding totally different to the more common straight community.

And so once again, there it was gaping us in the face, the desperate need for LGBT communities of prayer and healing which although sounds impossible as I’m writing about it, has been on my heart for years and years.

So prayers for our dear Toni as he has a few days now in Split with his family and prayers for all the other Toni’s out there struggling and looking for love and hope in a cold and cruel world.

Please pray for us and support our ministry and help Jesus and Mary to perform miracles of love for all the LGBT people and their families struggling out there and not knowing where to go or what to do.