Yesterday Rayne and I left for Split but not before a fairwell lunch for Séamus!

It truly has been a remarkably successful trip for our expanding LGBT ministry and we didn’t have a single complaint from pilgrims about our t-shirts and badges. In fact we had so many words of encouragement, especially from priests and from a well known Irish singer and his wife: Daniel & Majella O’Donnell!!

It is quite funny and a sign of how well intentioned people can try to utterly block and destroy the work of the Holy Spirit when we think of those people that threw wobblers when they heard that we had a few t-shirts and badges coming with us to Medjugorje.

Fortunately I’m experienced enough at this stage not to listen to such so called pious nonsense that is a million miles away from the creative Spirit of Jesus. Pope Francis echoes similar thoughts in this recent article:

Even Our Lady herself gave us a great word of encouragement as we left yesterday:

Our Lady 

Your trip has been a Hugh success and many seeds have been sown in many hearts. This will only continue as Séamus is over there!

And so as we woke up this morning to sunny Split on this beautiful feast of Corpus Christi we give thanks to God for such a marvellous pilgrimage to Medjugorje and for the wonderful gift of this unique LGBT Medjugorje ministry that is already bearing fruit and bringing souls to Jesus and to Medjugorje!

We are looking forward to all the wonderful things that God is going to do with our ministry as we head back to London but first I’m looking forward to a day on the beach, a swim in the sea and meeting up with Toni, his mum and Monsignor Keith with Rayne later and giving thanks to Jesus for reuniting this family and blessing this mother to see her transgender child finding his way after so many years of struggle and pain.

Thank you Jesus and Mary, your love and mercy know no bounds!