Good morning from a beautiful little adoration Chapel hidden in the middle of a bustling Split!

Our Lady gave me a beautiful message as we prepare to leave for the airport shortly:

Our Lady 

My little children, where you see Jesus I am here too because our hearts are united in perfect love, a love that reaches out and shines like the hot sun on all souls that are open and willing to surrender to its love and healing power.

Souls that are not open shield themselves from this love and love in its freedom and respect for free will never forces.

This is why my children I call you to be my apostles of love and to teach people about the love of God without forcing.

If you love then love will do the rest.

As I reflect on this message I think of Toni’s little brother whom I met yesterday who is is so cute and lovable and how children need so much love, attention, education, explanations and most of all patience!

Our Lady is such a mother, she does not push or force like an angry police officer but rather she loves, educates and encourages patiently adapting herself to each souls individual needs and personality.

This is especially true for LGBT people whom she loves and accepts and never forces changes on people against their wills but rather she educates and encourages in love.

As we met Toni’s family yesterday we could see the fruits of Our Lady’s ministry of love and peace and it was an amazing testimony really to the blessings of Medjugorje and of Our Lady’s love for all.

Sadly not all people take this approach and there are many ‘bulldozers of love’ out there who use fear and intimidation to bring people to God and when it doesn’t work they blame Satan or the others of course!

Jesus and Mary are in no need of bulldozers however good their intentions may be because this type of spirituality is not from God and does a lot of harm to a lot of souls.

Heaven needs apostles of love and we can only learn to be one by coming into contact with our own brokenness and weakness and need for God’s love and forgiveness.

And so as we prepare to leave now, I feel more peace in my heart than ever to continue loving, to avoid bulldozers and to continue to promote the love of Out Lady of Medjugorje to all the LGBT community, family and friends!

Looking forward to seeing all my friends in London!