After quite an exhausting day of travelling yesterday we got back to London’s Notting Hill at 8pm last night.

My body clock is still in Medjugorje mode, hence I got up early and as I sit here with my coffee it hits me that Séamus is not around and a certain lonliness hits my heart. Friends like Séamus are so very rare and we have been the best of friends for years.

That said, it made me so happy to see him doing his first prayer meeting from Medjugorje last night because it always makes me happy to see people growing in their gifts and finding their own unique calling.

Now that I’m back I guess I can say that the pilgrimage went far better than expected and it was an enormous source of relief to me to be left alone by those with whom I had troubles before.

I truly respect them all for that because it was quite obvious to me that they were making an effort too and while this is a long way from reconciliation and perfect love, perhaps it’s a first step as hopefully people come to see over time that we have absolutely no agenda or scheme whatsoever that our only desire is to bring LGBT people to know the love of Jesus through the grace of Medjugorje.

Anyway, in the meantime life goes on here in London and now of course the challenge is to spread the love and peace of Medjugorje to everyone we meet even it it’s only by a smile or a hello or a friendly word of encouragement.

I’ve already started in the coffee shop this morning by saying I was at an apparition site called Medjugorje.

“What’s an apparition site?” I was asked!!

How quickly we forget that not everybody has had a catholic education …where to start?!!

Perhaps the solution is quite simple though and the response is ‘come and see’ just like Jesus said to those first disciples and with Séamus out there, there is now someone over there to show people around and to help them enter into the spirit of Medjugorje.

So overall I’m very grateful to Jesus and Mary for everything and am especially grateful to the people of Medjugorje for making such an effort to leave us be!

Praise be Jesus and heavenly blessings upon all!