This morning I woke up at 6 am and felt the Holy Spirit pulling me out of bed and so off I went for my coffee and prayer time!

Usually I go to another coffee shop where they give me free coffee in account of knowing Séamus but this morning I went to a different one instead as I readjust to London life with Séamus in Medjugorje.

Anyway all of a sudden this guy cam along and sat almost right beside me with a cigarette. My first reaction was to be a bit annoyed as there were 20 free tables and why on earth did he have to plonk himself there when I’m trying to pray and wake up!

I was wondering if a) I’d change tables b) I’d say something very rude to him or c) I’d talk to him.

Now I know what you are all thinking, it’s definitely not a or b because I could never find it in myself to be either rude or impolite with someone and you are right!! I chose c!!

“Lovely morning” I said more in faith than in sentiments as my head was still in bed!

“No speak English” he replied.

Great I thought, a chimney beside me that has no English…just what I need first thing on Monday morning as I was also grieving over the £3 I had spent on coffee while reminiscing over the cheap prices of Medjugorje.

“Where are you from?” I inquired hoping that he might at least understand that!

“Croatia” he replied as I smiled interiourly at God’s sense of humour before speaking to him in my pigeon Croatian.

We had lovely chat about God, Medjugorje and we even exchanged numbers before he went off to work on a building site while I marvelled that I’d met the first young Croatian person that literally didn’t have a word of English.

This encounter reminded me of what Jesus said to me last night:


My child, how I delight when a soul opens its heart and I can live in and through that soul which in turn becomes an extension of my body.

My body in the eucharist my children is a transformative food for your souls that transforms you into living likenesses of me, your God through the power of the Holy Spirit 

The greatest way my children to honour and love me in the eucharist is to allow me to transform your hearts and lives and for me to live through your every word, action and emotion.

My children, how I long to be loved like this and how few surrender their heart and lives to me, preferring to talk about me than to talk to me, to write about me rather than to love me.

I am alive in the eucharist and yet so many of my children live and act as though I was merely a dead historical figure.

Pray and be humble to open your hearts and to mortify your distrust so that you can be transformed into me and live lives pleasing to me.

Imagine how different both my morning and this guys morning would have been if I had walked off in a huff and scolded this poor guy about his cigarette! It wouldn’t have done me any good nor would it have done him any good.

Have a wonderful day!

This is what Jesus means about being alive and allowing him to live and work through us and this is where we must be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to the needs and feelings of others as best we can because it is from ‘our love for one another’ that others will see come to see our Christianity and then afterwards they will be drawn to what we have to say about God and prayer etc.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week of surprises and blessings from Our God who is very much alive!