As we settle back to a busy London where there is little talk of God or prayer, the contrast is very striking between life here and life in Medjugorje!

In her motherly and loving way, Our Lady described what some of us are feeling in a way that I never could!

Our Lady 

Write my little one!

As you have left Medjugorje my little one, the love and graces that you received in your souls carry on and over time will bear much fruit as long as you continue on the path of holiness.

It’s a little like making hay during the summer and then storing it up in the barns for the cold and difficult winter.

Medjugorje is like the summer where prayer and heavenly blessings are all about while your lives outside of Medjugorje are often very like the cold and harsh winter of atheism and indifference.

Do not be afraid little children because I am with you and in prayer you may visit me often and find the strength and the graces that God has placed in your souls for your lives.

It’s a well known fact that Marjiana, one of the visionaries at Medjugorje has often been very depressed and sad after her apparitions as her soul simply wanted to to go to heaven and be with Our Lady!!

Despite having a husband and kids she loved, the power and love of heaven simply overwhelmed her and it took her time to readjust to everday life.

As Rayne returns to work at the hospital today and as my mission of evangelisation continues with Séamus now in Medjugorje, we too are feeling a little of this post Medjugorje anticlimax and yet we are trusting fully in Our Lady ‘s promise that she is with us and guiding us and that through prayer we can tap into the barn of graces in our souls and continue our mission of love and mercy to the LGBT community here in London .

So looking forward to seeing all that Our Lady is going to do through us over the next few days, weeks and months!

Love to all!