Sometimes we can ask ourselves what’s the point when it comes to evangelisation and can wonder does anybody listen to us or take the least bit of notice of what we say and do.

Well today I’m sharing with you a little event that happened in Split a few days ago but firstly let me put it in context.

When living in Split both Séamus and I often went to eat at a certain fast food place primarily because it was cheap and we had little money!

There was a tall girl working there who although was quite sharp and grumpy with the customers clearly had a good heart and while we weren’t totally sure, we discerned was probably lesbian.

So we prayed for her and always tried to make a bit of small talk and we gave her a little gift from Medjugorje when we went there one weekend.

So anyway a few days ago after being at eucharistic adoration I went to the restaurant to see if she was still there and to be honest I was hoping that after 3 years that she might now have found a better job.

I walked in and there she was and I stared at her wondering if she recognised me as I handed her a gift from Medjugorje.

With a tear in her eye she smiled and said “I need to talk to you” and she poured out a very difficult situation that she is going through with her girlfriend and cried.

“I’ve been going to adoration each evening and now you come like this, this is is sign'”.

Very aware of how little I could do for her besides listening and praying I felt so humbled and once again strengthened in this mission of evangelisation in love and prayer.

I promised to keep her in prayer so maybe you can too but the moral of the story is that sometimes people listen to us and take in far more than we think and that it’s only a few years later that we might actually find out…if ever!

We might not preach to multitudes or have a million followers especially in these modern times and cities where things can be so busy but we should never underestimate the power of stopping for the one.

So let us keep going, keep positive and for anyone wondering, we were chatting to Séamus last night and he’s doing fine out there in Medjugorje where he too is continuing the ministry of evangelisation and love to the LGBT community.