Today is a double celebration of the feast of the sacred heart of Jesus and of the 41st anniversary of Medjugorje!

Perhaps our t-shirts and badges were prophetic as the love and hearts of Jesus and Mary are open wide for all of humanity, including the often marginalised and stigmatised LGBT people.

“Wow” exclaimed one young girl in Medjugorje who we learnt afterwards was lesbian.

“This is the first thing I’ve liked here so far” as we handed her one of our little badges and gave one to her family members too who were absolutely delighted to see our ministry of love for the LGBT community.

Séamus of course is still out there and is doing great as he continues the mission over in the side and is meeting more and more pilgrims every day with gay and lesbian sons and daughters etc.

“I’m running out of badges” he said last night as he asked me to get more of them made!

Meanwhile in London, gay pride is coming up and so is another great opportunity to reach out with the love of Jesus and Mary through the grace of Medjugorje and through our ministry of evangelisation and prayer through testimonies etc.

So come along next Wednesday if you can and may we be united in prayer in a very special way with Séamus who is out in Medjugorje and with all the pilgrims and people whom he is meeting and witnessing to!