Good morning and happy feast of the immaculate heart of Mary!

You might wonder how gay pride and the immaculate heart of Mary fit together but worry not, Our Lady herself has explained for us:

Our Lady 

My children, God is love and love by its nature reaches down to those that don’t know love to transform and restore them to their true beauty and dignity.

We my children, me included, are creatures made by God and held in existence by God. If he was to withdraw his grace we would cease to exist just like when the electricity goes out in  your homes.

Yet in his love, he has given us freedom and that is where we must help one another to be pleasing to God and to become our true selves.

Those who have received more from God such as me your mother who’s heart was kept immaculate are expected to do more for others and to love more.

The secret of love is humility because the more you become aware of your own utter nothingness and absolute dependence on God’s grace, the more you will be able to love everyone without judging with patience and gentlenes and understanding.

This my children is how God desires you to love and embrace the gay community, with absolute love, mercy, patience and humility because these are God’s beloved children too who have suffered immensely at the hands of their parents, families and very often those representing God in the church and world.

And so today as LGBT Catholics meet ahead of the gay pride parade next weekend to celebrate the love and mercy of Jesus, we know that Our Lady will be there with us, loving us and encouraging us and through the graces of her immaculate heart, helping to bandage and heal many of the terrible wounds of rejection which have been inflicted in do many of us.

May all Catholics be true children of the immaculate heart through their love, mercy, patience and humility for the LGBT community just like Our Lady herself.