Good morning and wishing everyone an excellent week in advance!

This weekend was one of a lot of evangelisation with many interesting conversations and yet at the same time, many questions which left me feeling quite sad about the state of the world and what preoccupies some people’s minds.

Perhaps the most challenging question was when one man put forward the theory that Jesus was perhaps alien from another civilisation and that Mary conceived of an alien rather than of the Holy Spirit.

Other conversations included what pronouns to use for God from an LGBT perspective and why we refer to God as ‘He’ when God is Spirit…

As I listened to these conversations I gave thanks to God for the gift of a simple faith and for the gift of prayer because some of these questions reminded me of my own frame of mind pre conversion.

Living in a world of such confusion, it really is a supernatural grace from God to be clear about the existence of Jesus, His presence in the eucharist and of the fact that He is God and not some alien or energy or God particle…

After all these conversations I went to Eucharist adoration and prayed for the people that they too may receive the grace of clarity in their lives and as usual, Jesus had something to say also:


My children, so many of you are so weak in love and so unsure and unconvinced of my immense and burning love for you.

You are like dried up branches with no life left in you.

Come to me in prayer and adoration and I will give life to your drooping hearts.

Take my mother’s hand and pray the rosary with your hearts.

Rid yourselves of much of the useless activities that give no life neither to you or to others.

Prioritise prayer like your most treasured possession and let nothing or nobody take it away from you because without prayer and a lot of prayer, you will be good for nothing.

Come my children, convert your hearts, change your lives, make prayer and holiness your priority

Let us pray today that more and more people will receive the gift of prayer, to know anyone Jesus in their hearts and to spread his love in simplicity and in power without getting confused and bogged down by interesting but utterly useless ponderings and debates that only spread confusion, doubt and spiritual dryness.