Yesterday Our Lady gave me a very insightful message about being an apostle of love in today’s world.

Our Lady 

My children, for those of you not called to religious life, you are called to being apostles of love in the world.

This my little ones is very challenging as Satan has a strong grip on your world today and does not want to let go of a single soul in his grip.

Remember my children that through the sacrifice of Jesus, your ransom has been paid and each and every soul, even those steeped in the deepest of sins and the hardest of atheists are children of God.

Each and every soul has a potential place in heaven and for as long as they are alive, at any moment they can implore the mercy of God and be saved.

My little ones, as you travel on the trains and buses, as you sit in restaurants and coffee shops and visit all sorts of places, remember that each soul is loved and wanted by Jesus and is your brother or sister even if they do not know or believe.

Strive to be kind and to be polite and to be witnesses of love and of peace through your humanity in the way you act.

Pray for the troubled souls that you meet, especially those that are rude and unkind to you for no apparent reason and when the opportunity arises, be not afraid to talk about your faith in a simple way in which others may understand.

Do not underestimate the power of silent witnessing and prayer in today’s world of noise and disturbance.

Call upon the Holy Spirit and heaven will assist you everywhere you go.

I don’t think any commentary is required only for us to do our very best to put it into action and by doing so being little lamps of love, peace and prayer in today’s funny world!