This weekend in London we will have the gay pride parade and while I hadn’t intended on actually marching, Jesus had other ideas and now I’m all signed up!

Why the change or why did Jesus want me to join?

Glad you asked. The gay pride parade is for all sorts of LGBT people who live their lives in diverse ways and so Jesus wants us to march and to be there as witnesses to being gay and Catholic which is why I’ll be marching with the LGBT Westminster group.

Jesus says in the gospels to let our light shine and for it not to be hidden under a table and so what better way of doing some evangelisation and allowing the light of Jesus to shine this weekend than participating fully in the parade with other gay Catholics.

Of course this feels a long way away from the crowds of Medjugorje and the focus on prayer and on Jesus and yet this is what the messages of Medjugorje are all about:

How many people at the gay pride parade have never experienced the love of God and may have suffered unimaginably in their lives because or their sexuality of gender?

We should remind ourselves that each and every person is a child of God no matter how they are dressed or how far away they may seem from living a Christian life.

Only God is the judge and if we truly want to be Our Lady’s apostles of love, we must put aside our hang ups about sins and about sex and simply get out there and love people back to the church with patience, prayer and humility.

And what better way to prepare in prayer than to come along to our Medjugorje LGBT evening this evening with the rosary, mass, adoration and a talk and testimonies given by myself and by others on evangelisation!

Now the only thing left to decide is what to wear on Saturday !!!