Last night we had our first Medjugorje LGBT evening without Séamus and also without a few regulars who for various reasons weren’t able to come and yet in my heart I felt that it was our best evening so far!

You see when we went to Medjugorje, Our Lady took our little LGBT group aside from the larger group and asked us to follow her and this proved to be the most amazing week of fellowship and team building for us all.

We climbed all the mountains and prayed in a very special way for the LGBT community in a way that we simply could not have done otherwise.

We also did a lot of evangelisation and this week away really united us in a very special way which was just as well because we also got many persecutions along the way!

Yet such are the ways of God:

Our Lady 

My little children, when you follow Jesus and become his witnesses in the world, you will experience many difficulties and persecutions and not only from unbelievers but also from those who believe and yet don’t understand.

God allows many trials to fall upon those he loves and these trials although painful, will lead to even more spiritual growth and love and charity.

Do not be surprised when people support you for a season and then fall away for such too was the life of Jesus when he walked this earth.

Jesus did not have a large group of followers but instead chose a small and humble group who although imperfect, proved loyal to him to the end except one.

Similarly with your lives and ministries, authentic followers of Jesus are very rarely large in number because the path is narrow and very few are willing to make the necessary sacrifices.”

This has certainly been the case with our little LGBT group because the more we have been persecuted and criticised, the more united and strong we have become among ourselves and I was amazed at last night’s prayer meeting at how effortlessly it all flowed, how we all helped in setting up and in tidying up afterwards, how we all participated and got involved and how afterwards we all enjoyed some fun and fellowship!

We may be much criticised and rejected by many and we may still not be popular with many in Medjugorje where reconciliation with those who misunderstood us before did not happen but it doesn’t matter.

It has never been about numbers or popularity but simply about following Jesus and walking in the light and truth of his love and mercy for the LGBT community no matter what the cost or no matter who fails to understand us along the way.

One day too I believe in faith that our names will be cleared in Medjugorje and the truth and light of our beautiful little ministry will shine bright for all to see bringing hope and love to LGBT people, family & friends all over the world through the wonderful grace of Medjugorje.

Love and hugs to all today!!❤❤