Last night I was at a prayer evening for priests after which Our Lady gave me this quite serious message:

My child,

This evening I desire to speak to you about the priesthood, the most sublime honour that God can bestow on any man.

No angel or no Saint and not even me your mother can do what your priests can do in mass and in confession and that is why even from heaven, I guide my children to my priests.

This is why I ask you to pray for priests because my beloved priests play a central and essential role in plan to crush Satan and his work of evil in your world.

So many priests are struggling so much and do not know either how much I love them nor how important their ministry is.

Many priests even contemplate suicide and sadly, many priests attempt suicide and some succeed.

Vocations are at a minimum and many of the future priests are already very fragile and weak.

My children, pray for priests and do everything that you can to help them, to encourage them and to build them up on the path of holiness.

Do not speak negative about the priesthood because if you do, how will any young people respond to a potential call to the priesthood in their hearts?

You must put on the ‘eyes of eternity’ and teach and explain to people the dignity, majesty, significance and importance of the priesthood so that many young men will discern a calling to this godly office.

It is obvious that more than anything Our Lady desires her priests to be joyful and to be happy, not in a worldly way but in a holy and prayerful way and that the only way for this to happen is through having a deep prayer life and by being surrounded by a loving supportive community.

Similarly how will there be any future vocations if catholic people go about saying (which I hear a lot) “O it’s an awful life being a priest, O it’s so lonely for them, O the poor things should be able to get married, O it’s awful…..”.

Food for our thoughts and prayers today!