Well today is a big day for our little Medjugorje LGBT ministry because we will be marching (and praying) at today’s gay pride parade in London.

Of course today is also a ‘first Saturday’ and yesterday was a ‘first Friday’ and so with special prayers to both Our Lady and to the sacred heart of Jesus.

One may well wonder what on earth one has got to do with the other and how we can even be talking about gay pride and these Catholic treasures in the same sentence and yet the answer is simple; love reaches out.

It’s easy for us as Catholics to forget that some of our most beloved and well-known saints such as St. Francis and St. Augustin lived quite wild and quite sexual lives before they were converted and that the prayers that we pray on these first Fridays and first Saturdays are for the conversion of these types of people.

It’s a daring thought to think that a future saint of tomorrow who hasn’t yet encountered Jesus may be at the gay pride parade today. We just can’t know or judge and hence the importance of reaching out in love to these people just as others have reached out in love to us when we were in need during our lives.

With this in mind we’ve begun a little ‘ministry shop (click on the link below):


Here you can buy some items to help us and to help Jesus too in reaching out to LGBT people and putting to death all beliefs and echoes of the “God hates gays unless they become straight” culture which is still very strong in catholic circles.

By wearing or displaying these items you are proclaiming that God loves LGBT people and that they too are invited by Our Lady of Medjugorje to come to know Jesus and to live holy, prayerful and fulfilled lives in the Catholic community without being discriminated against and judged, things that really do wound the sacred hearts of both Jesus and Mary.

So please guys, get behind our ministry in prayers and in supporting us as many of you are doing already and help us to bring the love of the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary to as many LGBT people as possible.

Please also share the link to our little shop to others, especially to young people both straight and gay who are often so happy when they learn about our ministry and of progress in the catholic church when it comes to loving LGBT people.

‘O sacred heart of Jesus and immaculate heart of Mary, we trust in you and put this ministry of love entirely into your hands today’.