Good morning and what a truly brilliant day we had yesterday at the gay pride parade in London!

This morning Jesus spoke to me in one of regular inner locutions about his take on things.


My child,

How delighted heaven was yesterday to see you among your brothers and sisters in the gay community carrying my light and love in a new and fresh way.

My children are like sheep without a Shepard who are desperately in need of my love, acceptance and guidance in life.

Tell people not to judge by appearances such as clothes or tattoos or other outward experiences because my heart yearns for these rejected souls and I will not look kindly on those who inflict furter rejection on them.

Continue my child to be the light of love and to witness to the entire world of my unfathomable and thirsting love for my Catholic church to open wide the doors of love and mercy to the gay community all over the world.

Clearly Jesus is thirsting for the catholic church to embrace the gay community and instead of judging and pointing out their sins, to looked closer to home at the sins of rejection, discrimination and exclusion that have been inflicted on the gay community by the church for centuries.

Almost every conversation that I had yesterday after the parade was the same “I used to be catholic, I was an altar boy, I was shamed and rejected by the people in the church for being gay, I haven’t been back since..”

And despite Soho Square being absolutely thronged with people, I went into an empty Saint Patrick’s Catholic church right in the middle of the same square to see a lonely Jesus exposed on the altar and not a single sign of welcome or love for all these LGBT souls outside or on the door or anywhere.

Is it any wonder then that Jesus asks us to dress and evangelise so boldly to make up for the cold indifference that is still present all over our catholic church.

So once again we ask you to please support us in prayer and also visibly my wearing some of our evangelisation items.

Blessings to all!