One of the things that hit me the other day at the ecumenical service after the pride parade was that homosexuality is still punishable by death in 13 countries.

While I hadn’t given it too much thought afterwards as it was sort of a case of ‘out of sight out of mind”, Our Lady hadn’t forgotten about it and spoke to me very clearly about it yesterday.

Our Lady 

Your world must have just laws, today pray for those people living in countries where gay people can be put to death.

It is no different from the abortion in the womb of babies with certain deformities or unwanted characteristics.

Everyone has the right to life and to freedom and killing people because of their sexual orientation is a very profound evil in your world.

Who did Jesus kill? How many times did he forgive his disciples? How many times has he forgiven each and every one of you my children?

How can you be so cold and unconcerned about these LGBT souls when yet so many of you campaign night and day for the right to life of unborn babies?

Are these LGBT souls not just as precious in the eyes of God as these babies?

Is God an intolerant and unjust God towards these LGBT souls?

Open your hearts and your eyes my children to these realities and support this ministry of love and peace to the LGBT community which I myself have inspired and am guiding through these specially chosen souls.

Certainly a very stirring message from Our Lady who is calling us all to love, accept and protect LGBT people regardless of whether we are LGBT or not ourselves just as people do when it comes to unborn babies.

A final question to make us think; if we knew that a particular baby that was going to be aborted was going to grow up gay, would people still pray and encourage the mother not to abort in the same way and if not, are lives only worth saving when they are small, cuddly and cute?!

“Our Lady of Medjugorje, we pray for the protection of life; life of little babies, life of oppressed LGBT people, let us not be indifferent to the sufferings of your children whoever they may be and may we treat all lives equally.”