We’ve all heard the expression ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ but what does that actually look like for LGBT people?

Is seeing the sins of others a valid reason then to judge, to reject, to gossip and to exclude?

Our Lady has the answers:

Our Lady 

My children, each and every one of you are uniquely and wonderfully created in the image of God.

Look at the animals and look at the flowers, so many similar features and yet so very different from size to colour etc.

There is also vast variety in your human nature in similar ways. People come in all shapes and sizes, gifts and talents and yes, also in attractions and desires.

Imagine my children some new and beautiful flowers in your garden that you don’t recognise and mistakenly kill as weeds.

How many times have you killed the hearts and spirits of my most unique and different children simply because you didn’t recognise them as one of you?

My LGBT children are my children too. They too are sinners and fall short of the glory of God but this does not mean that it is a sin on their behalf to be LGBT.

You cannot justify rejecting these souls and forcing them to be like you because of their obvious wounds and sins.

Had these souls been loved and accepted in their childhood and adolescent years, their lives may be very different today.

You must not judge my children but you must love and continue to love without forcing or pressurising others to be like you.

Neither must you gossip and judge those LGBT souls that are following me or think that you are better or more entitled to God’s love than them in any way.

I call you my children, all of my children to opening wide your hearts to loving these souls and in helping my son’s church to love these souls too in its teaching, preaching and through its priests

So let’s stop judging LGBT people and gossiping and talking about whether or not they are having sex and if so how often and in what position and whether or not they should be receiving communion etc.

Instead let’s get out there and love these people while teaching people about the love of God with patience, mercy and love knowing that each and every soul is one of Our Lady’s special and unique flowers!